1st Season | 1920-21

3 One-Act Plays

  • The Dream
  • Aren't They Wonders
  • Helena's Husband

2nd Season | 1921-22

3 One-Act Plays

  • The Bracelet
  • The Merry Death
  • The Neighbors

3 One-Act Plays

  • Three Pills in a Bottle
  • Two Crooks and a Lady
  • The Importance of Being a Roughneck

2 One-Act Plays

  • Trifles
  • The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife

2 One-Act Plays

  • Plots and Playwrights 
  • How He Lied to His Wife

3rd Season | 1922-23

Nothing But The Truth

3 One Act Plays

  • Golden Doom
  • Dawn of Tomorrow
  • Dr. Aunty

4th Season | 1923-24

Come Out of the Kitchen 

5th Season | 1924-25


6th Season | 1925-26

You and I 

3 One- Act Plays 

  • The Tents of the Arabs
  • The Delta Wife
  • Dolly's Little Bills
The Dover Road

Lady Windmere's Fan 

7th Season | 1926-27



Hay Fever

The Goose Hangs High

Outward Bound 

The Torch-Bearers 

Workshop One-Act

  • All in a Summer's Day

8th Season | 1927-28

The Romantic Young Lady

He Who Gets Slapped

To the Ladies 

Beyond the Horizons 

Tut Tombs, Ltd. 

The Butter and Egg Man

Workshop One-Act

  • The Man Who Made Faces
  • The Swallow 
  • The Most Lamentable Comedy and Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisby 
  • The Nursery Maid of Heaven

One-Act Entry in the Samuel French Belasco Cup Tournament 

  • The Dreamy Kid

9th Season | 1928-29

Tons of Money 

Anna Christie

The Outsiders

Eva the Fifth 

With the New York Theatre Guild (at Ellis Auditorium)

The Second Man 

Ned McCobb's daughter 

The Doctor's Dillema

John Ferguson