10th Season | 1929-30

Under Cover

The Good Hope 

The Dark Angel 

Ten Nights in a Barroom

Cock Robin


11th Season | 1930-31

The Constant Wife

Mary the Third


Gold in Them Thar Hills

Her First Affair 

Workshop One-Acts 

  • Rooms to Let 
  • The Rector 
  • One of Those Things 
  • All Gummed Up 
  • Concession 
  • On the Lot 

12th Season | 1931-32

An Affair of State 

The Donovan Affair 

The Trial of Mary Dugan 

The Road to Rome 

Three Wise Fools 

Workshop One-Acts 

  • Pinka Patches 
  • Sardines 
  • The Sweetheart Game 

13th Season | 1932-33

The First Mrs. Fraser 

In The Red 

Craig's Wife 

No. 17 

Children of the Moon 

The High Road 

Seventh Heaven 

Workshop One-Acts 

  • The Lamplighter 
  • The Rising Moon 
  • The Mayor and the Manicure 
  • Enforcement 
  • All on a Summer's Day 
  • The Flattering Word 
  • The Dance Below 

14th Season | 1933-34

The Bride the Sun Shines On

The Sacred Flame 

Let Us Be Gay 

The Queen's Husband 

Hell Bent fer Heaven 


15th Season | 1934-35

Whistling in the Dark 

This Thing Called Love 

The First Year

The Virginian 

The Shining Hour 

Goodbye Again 

Holiday Production 

  • Cricket on the Hearth 

Workshop One-Acts 

  • I Am Over Forty 
  • The Moving Finger 
  • The Fourth Mrs. Philips 
  • Letters 
  • The Curtain 
  • The Lover 
  • Fleurette & Co. 
  • Where the Cross is Made 
  • Young America 
  • Tired Feeling 
  • Two Crooks and a Lady 

16th Season | 1935-36



Post Road 

The Pursuit of Happiness

Behold, the Bridegroom

As Husbands Go 

There's Always Juliet 

Workshop Production 

  • Tartuffe 

17th Season | 1936-37

Yellow Jack 

The Bishop Misbehaves 

A Bill of Divorcement 

June Moon 

The Night of January 16th 

Accent on Youth 

The Front Page 

Holiday Production 

  • A Christmas Carol 

Workshop One-Acts 

  • The Far Away Princess
  • The Boor 
  • A Doll's House,Act III
  • The Stronger 
  • John Gabriel Borkman, Act III
  • The Mousetrap 
  • Overtones 
  • The Rising of the Moon
  • Just Women 

18th Season | 1937-38

First Lady

Personal Appearance 

Dangerous Corner

Howdy Stranger 

Idiot's Delight 

High Tor

Workshop Productions 

  • Sir Walter Raleigh 
  • East Lynne 
  • Sweet Will 
  • Pirates 
  • The Golden Goose 

19th Season | 1938-39

Tonight at 8:30 

Ah! Wilderness 

Stage Door 

Dear Brutus 

It Might Happen to You

Rachel's Man 

Journey's End 

Workshop Productions with the Junior League 

  • Beauty and the Beast 
  • Rumpelstiltskin 
  • 1932 Children of the Moon
  • 1936 Yellow Jacket program cover
  • 1939 Rain from Heaven