2014 Ostrander Award for Behind the Scenes

Harold & Cathy Richardson

It is nearly impossible to speak about this award winner without referring to them as a pair.  -  Because, as Cathy herself is known to say. – They are joined at the hip. 

This year we have the unique opportunity to recognize a recipient that supports and patrons most, if not all, of the theatres represented at the Ostrander awards.  They hold season subscriptions to multiple theatres and often invite friends, neighbors, and family members to enjoy a show at one of the venues.  -- That’s the kind of passion they have for our local theatres.  So, Cathy & Harold are friends of all the theatres represented here, but at Theatre Memphis, they are family.

Cathy was introduced to Theatre Memphis at age eleven when her mother was cast in a show directed by Eugart Yarian.  She attended rehearsals with her mother often and grew up behind the scenes at the theatre.  She acted as something of a production assistant during the rehearsals she attended, fetching coffee and doing other little tasks to help out.  She has worked with all of the greats, including Eugart Yarian, Jim Ostrander and Sherwood Lohrey.  As an adult, she worked in the box office and then in the early 80s, David Allen, in his wisdom, asked Cathy if she would join the Theatre Memphis audition committee.  – the team that facilities all of our audition. (Thank you, David Allen.  I will be forever in your debt.)  Shortly thereafter, in her wisdom, Cathy asked her husband, Harold, to join the team. – They have continued in those roles for over 30 years.  If you have ever auditioned for a show at Theatre Memphis, you have met Cathy & Harold.  If you have ever been cast in a show at TM, one of them was likely at the other end of your invitation phone call.  -- But that’s not all.

Cathy has also served as a rehearsal assistant, researching period pieces and helping actors with lines.  Cathy & Harold have also been members of our Volunteer Committee for the past several years.  The Volunteer Committee works to find ways to recruit and recognize Theatre Memphis volunteers.  The Volunteer Committee's primary responsibility is to help plan and facilitate our annual volunteer awards ceremony and dinner, the BB Awards.  It’s very special to have volunteers who spend their time helping to recognize and honor other volunteers.  That is just what Cathy and Harold have been doing for years at Theatre Memphis, and we are so proud to be able to honor them.