2020 Ostrander Award for Behind the Scenes

This year’s recipient is a cheerleader of theatre and theatre artists all over our community.  At Theatre Memphis, she is family.  On any given performance at TM, you might find her running the show from backstage, ushering, performing, running spotlight, helping to create the set, selling a ticket or stage managing. Wherever you find her, she is sure to be one of the biggest and brightest personalities in the room, even though you’ll also find her to be one of the smallest people in the room, unless there are children under the age of 10 in the cast.  A woman of remarkable talent and passion, her greatest skill is lifting others up.  She has helped to educate countless volunteers as they learn the ropes of theatre production.  She has assisted countless fellow artists to excel at their craft.  Whether you call her Christina, Chris with a C, Kris with a K, or Little Kim, raise your glass in honor of this woman who makes our theatre community a much brighter world – Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you, Christina Hendricks, for all your support and encouragement Behind the Scenes.