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  • Blanche Tosh (Narrator) Blanche
  • Jamie Mann (Ebenezer Scrooge) I realized during rehearsals for this production that, including this iteration, I have appeared in A Christmas Carol seven times! Though, one of those performances was for the Denver Center Theatre Company during my final year of graduate school, the rest are all Theatre Memphis, but more specifically, ShoWagon! I must note my time in ShoWagon’s ACC company from 1989-1992 was some of the most educational, rewarding, and delightful times that I’ve ever had on stage in all my 36 year acting career. I think people assume my favorite year was when I finally assumed the role of Scrooge – which was also with my babies: my four-year-old twin grand-nieces rounding out the Cratchit family as well as the chorus. It’s true that is a special memory for me, not because I played Scrooge, but because I got to create that special memory with them: their first play! Thanks Amy, Jason Spitzer, Michael Compton, Debbie Litch and all the staff, crew, and volunteers- both past and present. Thank you, fantastic cast mates, so much for letting me play and love. I already count myself blessed to have this experience; and blessed, more still, to now add you all to the treasure trove of my fond and priceless memories of A Christmas Carol.
  • Kell Christie (Charity One, Ghost of Christmas Present, Worker) Kell Christie is a teacher, actor, and director who holds an MFA in Directing from UM and an MEd in Curriculum and Instruction from FHU. She has been a part of A Christmas Carol in the past, and it remains one of her favorite stories. Favorite shows she has directed or been in include Lizzie, A Little Night Music, The Addams Family, King Lear, and Our Town. She is the recipient of the Tony Award for Teaching (finalist) and the Most Inspiring Teacher Award (inaugural recipient).
  • Marc LeVells Holder (Charity Two, Mr. Fezziwig, Peter Cratchit, Topper) Marc has been acting most of his life. He attended the University of Memphis where he pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. From there he moved to L.A. where he acted in independent films and music videos. Upon returning to Memphis, he made himself at home in its theatrical community as a performer for ShoWagon at Theatre Memphis and as an acting coach to aspiring Thespians. His fondest memory of performing in "A Christmas Carol" is working with the countless family members who year after year starred in the show together. Whether it was a brother working on the set crew or father at the ready to fly the Ghost of Christmas Past or a mother playing Mrs. Cratchit to her daughter
  • Eric Schultz (Bob Cratchit, Ebby, Party Guest, Turkey Boy) Eric is very grateful to be part of TM’s 100th Season and this cool, voiceover acting opportunity during this strange time of COVID-19. He sends a huge thank you to all the caring TM staff and crew and cast who brought this production of A Christmas Carol to life. The Foley sound artists were so fun to play off. A very special thanks and nod to his dearly departed Jerry Chipman, who brought Eric into the TM family in 2018 for August: Osage County. Eric grew up in Durham playing in A Young People’s Performing Company’s A Christmas Carol with all his family and friends. It was very reminiscent and familial and familiar to Eric to join TM’s Christmas Carol production for his first time last year, playing Fred & Young Scrooge. Happy Holidays and hope you Happy Voted too this year.
  • Kinon Keplinger (Fred, Ghost of Jacob Marley, Young Scrooge) A Christmas Carol 1994 was the first time Kinon attended a performance at Theatre Memphis. It was an amazing experience that left a profound impact. A few years after that Kinon began volunteering at TM as stage crew and eventually as a cast member. Kinon has been a faithful volunteer for 23 years now and cherishes his time with the TM staff and is thankful for the friendships formed on and off stage. Kinon has appeared in ACC many times over the past decade as Scrooge, Young Scrooge, and Fred.  Kinon is honored to add Jacob Marley in the 2020 audio version to his list of roles. Kinon would like to thank Jason Spitzer for his trust in him to embody these characters and most importantly for being his friend.
  • Lena Wallace Black (Mrs. Dilber, Ghost of Christmas Past, Martha Cratchit, Party Guest) Lena Wallace Black has performed in 8 different productions of A Christmas Carol over the years, and directed the last 3 daytime productions of the show for Theatre Memphis. She is the Director of Outreach and Education at Theatre Memphis and an Ostrander Award winning actress. Lena was terribly sad to have a year without directing the show and booking thousands of school children to come see it, so she is delighted to still be a part of the Christmas Carol experience in this capacity. And she is beyond thrilled to share the experience with her biggest fan and greatest inspiration, her grandmother, Blanche Tosh.
  • Renee Davis Brame (Fan, Mrs. Fezziwig, Mrs. Cratchit, Lucy) Renee is so happy to rejoin her Theatre Memphis family for this special version of A Christmas Carol.  Her last ACC appearance was in the 30th-anniversary version where she played the Ghost of Christmas Past and a Charity Collector.  A Christmas Carol holds wonderful memories being not only the show that she performed day and night (literally!) with her fellow ShoWagon castmates and friends but also being the role that allowed her to fly high above the TM stage.  The thrill of soaring above Scrooge only to land on that iconic ACC bed is a feeling she won
  • Emily F. Chateau (Belle, Belinda, Millie, Mrs. Crowe, Belinda Cratchit) Emily F. Chateau has been involved with Theatre Memphis since the first day she moved to Tennessee 12 years ago.  She, like most of the Memphis theatre community has had her own experiences with participating in the long tradition of A Christmas Carol.  Emily stage managed the night time production the same year she played the Ghost of Christmas Past for the daytime cast, several years ago and is thrilled to get the opportunity to play several new roles for the audio production this year.  Covid won
  • Posie Steinmetz (Tiny Tim) At 4 months of age, Posie was sleeping in the dressing room at Theatre Memphis while her big sister was in late-night rehearsals for A Christmas Carol, and she has never known anything BUT the stage. This will be her third Christmas season portraying Tiny Tim and she is ecstatic to be able to reprise the role this year in such a fun and creative way. Her favorite part is “the costume, of course!” Posie would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and God Bless Us, Everyone.

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