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A Christmas Carol, Now & Then

  •  Marques Brown (Narrator) From starting out as a ShoWagon and ACC daytime cast member, as well as appearing in the night time productions, taking on a variety of roles including Narrator, Marley’s Ghost, Fred, Bob Cratchit, and once, even Scrooge himself… to directing the show in 2008, all the way to asking his wife to marry him during the curtain call one year… being a part of this Christmas tradition has been an important and fulfilling part of his life. Marques is so very excited to be back in this special and unique presentation that employs excellent local talent, and also pays homage to many a ‘Christmas Past.’ Marques is happy to say that his proposal was accepted and that his wife has continued to see it through… he would like to thank her, Ashley Bugg Brown, and his  two kids for their support, and for allowing him to return to the production for the first time since their family truly began.  He would like to thank his theatre family as well, and acknowledge how good it feels to be “home for the holidays” again.
  • David Shipley (Ebenezer Scrooge)  David is thrilled to be part of this annual holiday tradition at Theatre Memphis.  He first fell in love with the story of “A Christmas Carol” when he saw it performed on-stage as a small child, and the original novella has been a favorite of his ever since.  Through the years, he has performed in twelve productions of “A Christmas Carol” in various theatres, and this year marks his sixth turn as Scrooge for Theatre Memphis.  David earned his BFA in theatre performance from the University of Memphis, as well as attending the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City.  Previous stage credits include Hello, Dolly!; You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown; Sweeney Todd; Pride and Prejudice; and he recently played Cosmé McMoon in our production of Souvenir: A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins.  His directing and music-directing credits include The Best Christmas Pageant Ever; Lucky Stiff; Kiss Me Kate; and Bye Bye Birdie.
  • Jason Eschhofen (Ghost of Jacob Marley)  Jason is very excited to be a part of his first production of A Christmas Carol! In the past, he has been very involved with Theatre Memphis as an actor and musician. He has been in Oliver (Noah Claypole), Beauty and the Beast (Le Fou), 1776 (Courier), Ruthless! (Music Director and Fredrick), and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Music Director). He has also worked on the tech side of Theatre Memphis on Mamma Mia (Synthesizer Programmer and Keyboard), Shrek (Synthesizer Design) 1776 (Co-Sound Designer and Synthesizer Design), and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (Sound Designer). As soon as it is safe to perform live theatre again, he looks forward to many more shows with Theatre Memphis! A massive thank you to Jason Spitzer for the chance to be a part of this production as well as everything you have taught me throughout the years!
  • Lindsey Roberts (The Ghost of Christmas Past) Lindsey is so very excited to be a part of this historic production of A Christmas Carol.  Past TM credits include Tanya in Mamma Mia!, Anytime Annie in 42nd Street, Nancy in Oliver!, and Velma Kelly in Chicago, but if you go way back into her past TM credits, you will also find that this is the second time that Lindsey has played the role of Christmas Past for TM!  The last time was 25 years ago!!  She is so honored to be a part of this year
  • John F. Scott, Jr. (The Bed)  John knew his 31st year would be one to remember, but he had no idea how different things would be. If you have attended shows at TM over the last 31 seasons, you have possibly seen John one of the two times he played Boo Radley in TM’s productions of To Kill a Mockingbird or as an ensemble member in The Sound of Music or the previous version of You Can’t Take It With You. He hopes to get a part in the upcoming version as well. “Being a Theatre Memphis over half of my life, doing A Christmas Carol, is indescribable as life experiences go. In 2006, when my mother died, A Christmas Carol was the only thing that remained consistent outside of my job at FedEx. That consistency probably helped me survive the experience.” John has also worked backstage so he has had the “complete production experience”.
  • Charles K. Hodges (Ghost of Christmas Present)  Chuck is most honored to have had the opportunity to participate in this video adaptation of A Christmas Carol with these terrifically-talented and creative performers, directors, producers and technicians. Chuck portrayed
  • Posie Steinmetz (Tiny Tim)  At 4 months of age, Posie was sleeping in the dressing room at Theatre Memphis while her big sister was in late night rehearsals for A Christmas Carol, and she has never known anything BUT the stage. This will be her third Christmas season portraying Tiny Tim and she is ecstatic to be able to reprise the role this year in such a fun and creative way. Her favorite part is “the costume, of course!” Posie would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and God Bless Us, Everyone.
  • Chelsea Robinson (Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come)  Chelsea has performed in A Christmas Carol since 2015 (and once in 2012 in the daytime production when she was part of ShoWagon). She has played various roles like Millie, Mrs. Dilber, Lucy, and most recently “The Ghost of Christmas Past” in the 2019 production. Performing in A Christmas Carol has become part of her holiday tradition. She loves sharing this show with the Memphis community. Chelsea has been volunteering at Theatre Memphis since 2008. She would like to thank Jason Spitzer and the entire Theatre Memphis staff for letting her be part of this production!
  • Jen Steinmetz (Mrs. Cratchit) Her eldest daughter was drawn to the stage at an early age like a moth to a flame, therefore creating a fledgling stage mom out of Jen. One by one, her family members began taking on different roles in A Christmas Carol, both in the AM and the PM casts. She should have seen it coming that sooner or later she would have to face her crippling stage fright and join them in their fancy costumes and stage make up. She has had the chance to be a sassy Mrs. Cratchit for the past two years in the AM cast, and is so very grateful to be able to help with this creative endeavor.

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