Please refer to sample letter below and direct to your federal legislators. Personalize the below, copy it, click on the links supplied below, paste. Make sure you are adding in a subject line "CARES ACT 2" and your contact info as well.


Thank you for your efforts in bringing legislation to help all Americans in these difficult times. One aspect of the Cares Act 2 that is of great concern for me relates to the Save Our Stages portion of the bill. As this Act will be going into effect very soon, we implore you to do everything in your power to make sure that the verbiage that will protect community theatres is added to this as soon as possible.

As you know, the act originated as a push to save live music venues. As such, wording about not paying artists by tips, or split of the door, remained in even after theatres were added into the eligible pool. This is a direct conflict with the very nature of community theatre whereby performers are volunteers. There are 7,000+ nonprofit community theatres in the U.S. putting millions into the national economy. These theatres, in communities from major cities to rural villages, have a combined budget of approximately $1 billion and engage more than 1.5 million volunteers, expressing their creativity through the art of theatre and engaging a combined audience of over 80,000,000 theatre goers of all ages.

Our community theatre,  Theatre Memphis, is a vibrant and well-respected part of the arts community. I do not understand why organizations like this would be specifically excluded from much-needed support. Community theatres’ budgets have been decimated by the shut down and they truly deserve your support.

Additional information about Theatre Memphis can be found at or by calling 901.682.8601.

Thank you,
(Your name, city and state of dwelling

Links to critical federal legislators that can have an impact for Theatre Memphis

Senator Blackburn:

Senator Hagarty: 

Representative Steve Cohen:

Representative David Kustoff: