The Cube Award

Theatre Memphis presents the Cube, Volunteer of the Year Award for outstanding service during the season.  The Cube Award itself is fashioned after the sculpture positioned on our campus at the rear entrance, which is symbolic of the beginning of the path our volunteers follow to help us fulfill our mission to serve the community.  The statue replica, given out as the Cube Award, is fabricated each year by our production staff in the construction shop.


2019 Jason Spitzer

2018 Annaliese Quartermaine

2017 Gabe Skinner & Alex Barganier

2016 Jeffery B. Brewer

2015 Barclay Roberts

2014 Marc Marchan

2013 Christina Hendricks

2012 Jonny Ballinger

2011 John Hiltonsmith

2010 Jeffrey W. Posson

2009 Bob Llewellyn

2008 Cathy & Harold Richardson

2007 Theatre Memphis Ushers

2006 Conaway Brown; Sossaman & Associates

2005 Theatre Memphis Staff

2004  Juan Fuentes

2003 Diane Cofer

2002 John Sendlein

2001 Del Curlin

2000 Tommy Thompson

1999 Cathy Richardson

1998 Harry Williams; Roxanne Howerton

1997 Jeff Bigger; Bill Caldwell; A. J. Daneman; Vernon Reed

1996 Cokie Booth

1995 Ron Gordon

1994 Margaret Chambless

1993 Diane Cofer

1992 Charles Bohannon

1991 Sharon Starks

1990  Andy Saunders

1989 Maxine Bratcher

1988 Hilton Currens; Barney Lazarus; Jim Norwood; John Sendlein

1987 Linda Del Orbe'

1986 Alethea Klinke

1985 Eileen White

1984 Jane Baird; Jack Embury; Karen Hall; Norrie Hoist