Lighting Assistant

Helps the Lighting Designer rig (prep, hang, focus, gel) the instruments and lighting inventory. There are also lighting assistants who help as set walkers during light cue preview.  Set walkers, walk, stand, sit on the set while the designer demonstrates and  adjusts light cues for the director during a light cue preview session.  Lighting Assistants are required to:

  • Commit to a schedule that fulfills the following needs -- This is an ongoing volunteer opportunity; volunteer schedule varies with the needs of the show currently under construction.  General volunteer hours are Mon-Fri, 10AM-5PM. Occasionally there are night and weekend calls as well.  Volunteers are usually needed for a minimum or 2-3 hours per call. A "per volunteer" schedule will be negotiated that incorporates a particular show's lighting schedule, needs of the show and volunteer availability.
  • Be 15 years of age or older (Volunteers age 10 - 14 may be considered for set walkers, if an adult is preset to set walk as well.)
  • Be self-motivated and follow directions well
  • Be comfortable with heights (preferred but not always necessary) Much of the work done is on the catwalks, which requires volunteers to be comfortable with heights.  In your application, please let us know if you are not comfortable with heights, so that we may plan your work accordingly.
  • Have reliable transportation  
Upcoming lighting schedules are listed at This Month.  If you have a general interest in begin considered for upcoming light assistant positions and getting emails about volunteer opportunities at TM, Apply Here.