Shows are cast through an audition and callback process.  We offer a variety of roles for actors, singers, and dancers,ages 5 -99. Auditions are announced in the local papers, on the web site, via email, and on the local callboard Facebook pages. All performers at Theatre Memphis are volunteers.  Candidates for roles at Theatre Memphis must:

  • Commit to a schedule that fulfills the following needs -- This is a show specific opportunity. – There will be a set schedule for the show, which requires the cast to commit to up to 6 days of work per week, 4 + hours a day (evenings & weekends), for a period of 9-12 weeks (first rehearsal - strike).  Availability is very important for all cast members.
  • Work well in collaboration with others, take direction well, have a positive attitude, have a strong & reliable work ethic
  • Be willing to provide small pieces for their character’s wardrobe (hair styling supplies, make-up, stockings, shoes)
  • Have reliable transportation  and be able to be ready for rehearsal / pre-show duties promptly at call time.  Punctuality is very important for all cast members.
  • Age requirements are based on the needs of the script.  In general on any given season, we cast ages 7 to 100.

Click here to view information about upcoming auditions.  To receive audition notices via email, Apply Here.