Writing on the Walls.

The Department of Outreach and Education is offering Playwriting and/or Poetry Residencies for middle school and high school students.  Participants will have the opportunity to express themselves through the written word. Playwriting students will learn about the basics of playwriting, the elements of story, and will be challenged as their imaginations are stretched to the limits. Poetry Performance students will learn about using fresh language, developing a strong focal point, and how to ground their ideas by rooting them in a firm foundation.  Students will be challenged as their imaginations are stretched to the limits with collaboration between creative writing and fine arts classes. The writing process, included in Arts Standard #1, will strengthen verbal skills, enhance literacy, and encourage clear communication. Participants will learn how to craft dialogue and examine the elements of character. This process will foster both knowledge of formal writing and a deeper understanding of human nature. A presentation of the students work will be held in a finale at Theatre Memphis that will feature both student and professional actors.

Each residency ranges from 8-10 sessions that are 1 hour long

Cost is $2500

Only available for Fall 2014


Students from Cordova High School & Collierville High School at the Spring 2014 Playwriting Showcase