New Gene and Sandra Cochran Lobby and Grand Central Staircase

SHINE ON Capital / Endowment Campaign

See the video of the finished product here.

As we head into our second century as one of the leading community theatres in the nation, we are looking to put a SHINE ON our venues and set the foundation to SHINE ON for another one hundred years ... at least. Thank you for your on-going support and belief that we truly "... provide outstanding theatrical experiences to enrich the lives of our audiences, participants and community" as we strive to raise $10,000,000 to achieve our goals (see below donation form).

Any amount is appreciated. Please consider a Community Share of $100 or more to show your support of our efforts


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Why a Capital Campaign? 

As Theatre Memphis makes plans to celebrate its 100th year during our 2020-21 season, our 44 year old facility is in need of some major renovations and expansion.  The main building was completed in 1975 with the last major capital expansion completed in 1983.  Our ever-growing volunteers and audiences are our foundation and we offer this opportunity to the community to help secure our future to serve our mission “ … to provide outstanding theatrical experiences to enrich the lives of our audiences, participants and community”.

The main reasons for the renovations are to:

  • Improve the quality of the total experience for our patrons
  • Expand restrooms with added stalls for both women and men to accommodate full-capacity audiences
  • Expand entrance and lobby space with improved logistical placement of Will Call and Box Office for efficiency
  • Expand stage left for set storage and construction of sets
  • Add a south hall to improve flow of patrons in and out of the Lohrey Stage and lobby
  • Redesign the outside entrance for improved recognition from Perkins Extended and Southern Avenue
  • Install new carpeting and flooring for the lobby, Lohrey Theatre, and administrative offices
  • Update dressing rooms for the talented casts who give of their invaluable time and talents
  • Renovate rehearsal hall
  • Replace the hearing impaired audio system
  • Replace the HVAC
  • Add sprinkler systems for both theatres to bring building up to code


Why an Endowment Fund?

The endowment is important to help provide Theatre Memphis with the resources to thrive well into our second century. Your generous support will bolster this important Memphis cultural organization and artistic treasure ensuring that Theatre Memphis is here for generations to come.

An endowment will allow Theatre Memphis to enhance performances and educational programs, support artists and continue to achieve “consistent artistic excellence” in all of our endeavors. The following is the financial foundation that is in place at Theatre Memphis in preparation for this vital endowment:

  • Balanced annual budgets of over $1,500,000 for 14 consecutive years
  • Prudent financial management with Board of Directors support
  • Operating Reserve, Maintenance Reserve, Cash Reserve with governance policies established
  • Child Protection, Social Media and Harassment Policies developed and enacted
  • Annual audit conducted
  • Over 35% increase in attendance and ticket sales over the past 10 years