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Members of our community have the unique opportunity to learn more about theatre production and hone their talents in a professional setting while enjoying the affable spirit of a community theatre. We invite any interested member of our community to get involved either by volunteering onstage, backstage or in the front of the house. We seek to engage diverse and energetic volunteer teams that comprise many shapes, sizes, colors, genders and ages.

Our productions are cast by an open audition and callback process. In general, we require audition appointments for all of our productions so that we can better manage your audition experience. Each production has its own set of auditions.  Please review a show’s detailed audition notice for more thorough information.

Audition Notices

Detailed audition notices are posted at least 2 weeks prior to auditions on our website and on our social media pages.

Audition notices are also emailed to those on our distribution list. – To join that list, Click Here.

Audition Forms

All auditionees should fill out an audition form in advance and bring it to auditions, paper clipped to headshot and resume. An audition form for each show can be found in the Shows & Auditions section of this page and are posted the Monday before the audition dates. Regardless of how many shows you have done at Theatre Memphis, we ask that all auditionees provide a complete audition package at the time of check-in.  Please honor our volunteer audition staff by coming to your audition prepared with these materials or prepared to complete them when you arrive early.

If you are not able to bring a completed audition form with you, one will be provided for you at audition check-in.  (Please be prepared to accurately fill out the conflict calendar on the audition form.)  If you are not able to bring a  headshot to auditions, one will be taken for you at audition check-in.  If you are not able to bring a  resume to auditions, this resume form is available to download or at audition check-in.  If you are coming without your paperwork, please arrive at least 20 minutes early, so that you will have time to complete it onsite.

If you plan to arrive at auditions without a performance resume, please download and complete the resume form provided:

Audition Tips

It is always an advantage to come prepared for an audition. Someone who is knowledgeable of the show and respectful of the volunteers and staff managing the auditions will always be noticed and appreciated. Here are some tips that may help you be your best at auditions.

Shows & Auditions

Runs: Mar 8
- Mar 30, 2024
Auditions: July 22 and 23 with call backsby invitation on July 24. These auditions for the remainder of the cast. Auditions for the role of Carole King are closed.
Form Available June 30, 2023
Auditions Ended
Runs: Apr 5
- Apr 21, 2024
Auditions: September 23rd and 24th. Callbacks: September 24th by invitation
Form Available September 18, 2023
Auditions Ended
Runs: Apr 26
- May 12, 2024
Auditions: September 23rd and 24th. Callbacks: September 24th by invitation.
Form Available September 18, 2023
Auditions Ended
Runs: Jun 7
- Jun 30, 2024
Auditions: November 4th and 5th. Callbacks: November 6, 2023 by invitation.
Form Available October 30, 2023
Auditions Ended
Runs: Aug 16
- Sep 8, 2024
Auditions: Callbacks by invitation March 18, 2024
Runs: Sep 13
- Sep 29, 2024
Runs: Oct 11
- Oct 27, 2024
Runs: Nov 8
- Nov 23, 2024
Runs: Dec 6
- Dec 23, 2024
Runs: Jan 17
- Feb 2, 2025

Lohrey Theatre

Seats up to 411

Both the Lohrey Theatre and the Next Stage Theatre are wheelchair accessible with a handicapped accessible restroom on the same level as the main lobby to both venues. The Lohrey Theatre also provides hearing assisted equipment to any who may require or request it, at no charge.

Lohrey Theatre Seating Chart

(Next Stage is open seating)

Next Stage

Seats up to 110

The black box Next Stage seats up to 110 and is also wheelchair accessible with state of the art equipment for sound and lighting.