Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Jim Brigance
Joe Lackie
Vice President
Jared Johnson
Vice President
Eric Eurich
Vice President
Bryan W. Ford
Gene Cochran
Business Advisor
Dabney Coors
Past President
Jerry Marshall
Sarah Norton
Seldon Murray
Kitty Cannon
EC Board Emeritus

Board of Directors

Dr. Anita Arnold
Sally Baker
Pat Beech
Katie Cole
Elizabeth Coors
Deborah Dunklin Tipton
Dr. Lee Faulkner
Betha Gill
Lee Gilliland
Heather Grosvenor
Janice Hall
Pamela Hauber
Karen Johnston
Jude Knight
JJ Krauch
Susan Labovitz
Meghan Lewis
Mark Luttrell
Lynn McDonald
Elizabeth Ann Menke-Jumet
Kim Mullins
Richard Myers
Dr. Keith Norman
Elizabeth Perkins
Elizabeth Perkins
Scott Pioreck
Jim Renfrow
Mark Ruleman
Walker Sims
Jaclyn Suffel
Dr. Niambi Webster
Rev. Dr. Niambi Webster
Josh Whitehead
Barbara Williamson

Active Past Presidents

Bert Barnett
Dan Conaway
James A. Frommel
Randall Hartzog

Lohrey Theatre

Seats up to 411

Both the Lohrey Theatre and the Next Stage Theatre are wheelchair accessible with a handicapped accessible restroom on the same level as the main lobby to both venues. The Lohrey Theatre also provides hearing assisted equipment to any who may require or request it, at no charge.

Lohrey Theatre Seating Chart

(Next Stage is open seating)

Next Stage

Seats up to 110

The black box Next Stage seats up to 110 and is also wheelchair accessible with state of the art equipment for sound and lighting.