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Rewards Programs

Rewards Programs Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger Community Rewards

If you already have a rewards card or want to set one up go to, click on horizontal bars at the top left of the page, scroll down to click on arrow next to ” Savings”, click on “Kroger Community Rewards” and follow the instructions.go the To view your account enter your email and password. If you do NOT have a rewards card, you can set one up online and will be able to use an alternate 10 digit ID (usually a phone number you will remember) to use instead of a card. At the end of each calendar year, all accounts must re-declare their charity in January.
Rewards Programs Superlo Community Rewards

Superlo Community Card

  1. Pick up a Community Card at any Superlo Market. Visit Superlo Foods and pick up your community card, complete the form and turn back in to Superlo, or ….
  2. Go here to register and pick Theatre Memphis as your non-profit of choice. Hover over “Community” and click on “Community Rewards” in drop down menu.
  3. Shop at Superlo Foods and scan your card when you check out and earn $ for Theatre Memphis. Purchases create automatic contributions of up to 3% of your purchase price.

Lohrey Theatre

Seats up to 411

Both the Lohrey Theatre and the Next Stage Theatre are wheelchair accessible with a handicapped accessible restroom on the same level as the main lobby to both venues. The Lohrey Theatre also provides hearing assisted equipment to any who may require or request it, at no charge.

Lohrey Theatre Seating Chart

(Next Stage is open seating)

Next Stage

Seats up to 110

The black box Next Stage seats up to 110 and is also wheelchair accessible with state of the art equipment for sound and lighting.