Rewards Programs Details


 If you already have a rewards card go the 

 Click on View your account Enter your email and password. 

 Click on “Review your rewards detail” You can edit or enroll in the Community Rewards section and search Theatre Memphis to add to your account. 

 If you do NOT have a rewards card, you can set one up online and will be able to use an alternate 10 digit ID (usually a phone number you will remember) to use instead of a card. 

Go to, click on Register and follow the instructions. 

All accounts must declare their charity in January of each year.


To register, simply go to 

 If you already have an Amazon account, enter your account email and password to sign in. At the bottom right there is a search box for the charity of choice … enter Theatre Memphis and click to search. When Theatre Memphis appears in the list, click select. 

If you do not have an Amazon account, simply create one by clicking on the create a new account, enter your email, create a password and search Theatre Memphis to select as your charity. 

Go to for complete details of the program.

  1. Pick up a Community Card at any Superlo Market. Visit Superlo Foods and pick up your community card (we also have some at Theatre Memphis), complete the form and turn back in to Superlo, or ....
  2. Go here to register and pick Theatre Memphis as your non-profit of choice.
  3. Shop at Superlo Foods and scan your card when you check out.and earn $ for Theatre Memphis. Purchases create automatic contributions of up to 3% of your purchase price.