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Assistant Stage Manager (Floor Manager)

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For questions and additional information, contact our Production Stage Management team.

Assistant Stage Manager (Floor Manager)

Updated June 30, 2023


An Assistant Stage Manager assists the Stage Manager in all areas of rehearsal. ASMs manage backstage activities and crew during tech rehearsals and performances. Assistant Stage Manager candidates are required to:

  • Commit to a schedule that fulfills the following needs — This is a show-specific opportunity. – There will be a set schedule for the show, which requires the assistant stage manager to commit to 5-6 days of work per week, 4 + hours a day (evenings & weekends), for a period of 9 – 12 weeks (first rehearsal – strike). Attendance for weekly (weekday) production meetings and attendance at the audition weekend is also encouraged.
  • Be 16 years of age or older, though in some cases 18 years+ is required
  • Be a self-motivated individual with good people skills who can follow directions well and take thorough notes
  • Have reliable transportation

Stage Managers are generally hired in April and May, before the season begins. If you have an interest in being considered for any open stage management positions or being considered when hiring begins next season, please click Apply Now button. Also, submit a resume, cover letter, and references to the Production Stage Manager.

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Lohrey Theatre

Seats up to 411

Both the Lohrey Theatre and the Next Stage Theatre are wheelchair accessible with a handicapped accessible restroom on the same level as the main lobby to both venues. The Lohrey Theatre also provides hearing assisted equipment to any who may require or request it, at no charge.

Lohrey Theatre Seating Chart

(Next Stage is open seating)

Next Stage

Seats up to 110

The black box Next Stage seats up to 110 and is also wheelchair accessible with state of the art equipment for sound and lighting.